Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Arrival of Teddy Bear from lovely Michigan

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School Time

  Today we welcomed Teddy Bear into our home after a very long trip from Michigan to Texas! We were so happy that he arrived safely and more important just in time for school to start! Today was out first day of schooling with Drake, the baby in our family. He has been working hard learning the months of the year and we have been studying his favorite letter "O". Not sure why its his favorite letter, but its what he picked to learn, so we just rolled with it. No harm, no foul as far as I am concerned with this one. ;) So after we sung our songs and I "attempted" to have Drake read them back to me, with no luck. (still working on that one!) I let Drake and Teddy Bear practice making some "o"'s on paper. The whole time singing the months song. Like I said, I just go with the flow. 
School Time
Teddy and Preacher Man
Once we got schooling out of the way, we decided it was time to get familiar with Drake's hermit crabs. We have named one " Preacher Man," simply because he is always the one on top of the coral reef, arms, swinging while the rest watch on. We figure he must be giving one heck of a sermon to have the other 7 stand around and watch and listen for hours on end. He is the one with the largest claw, so maybe he's the alpha hermit crab in the tank, who knows, but he is fun to watch. If you go up to the glass he will immediately get down come to you and start throwing his claw around trying to intimidate you. If you throw your arm in the air like its your "claw" he will mock you! He's a funny guy. He was not very scared of teddy Bear either, he walked straight down and came to check him out. I took him out of the tank before he felt the

Teddy Sleeping with Drake
fiery of the CLAW! 

After a VERY long day, we decided to call it a night! Teddy Bear, Drake and Jack crawled into my bed and fell fast asleep, Drake even let Teddy Bear share his favorite blanket I made him when he was born. Something that seldom happens. You lucky bear you! Of course, I ended up rescuing you from Jack. He thinks everything of Drake's is his as well. 

Tomorrow we are heading off to the library to help sister pick out her books for AWOA. Always fun.
Teddy and Jack
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