Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AWOA and Little Adventures


Today is the day we begin to homeschool for the first time. Ok so I attempted twice before and each time they ended up back into the dreaded public school system for me to regret it and for the kids to be miserable.This time, I decided no matter what I was going to homeschool them and public school is just not an option anymore. I need to suck it up and deal with the ups and downs and struggles of homeschooling 2 kjids and working full time. Other single moms can do it and so can I and I will leaning heavily on God for strength and wisdom and the knowledge of those who have done this before me.

With that being said I bought AWOA (A World of Adventure and Little Adventures) for my kids. I also had Mystery of History left over from the last time i attempted this and Life of Fred. It was not that we didnt love homeschooling, it was too many personal issues: a failing marriage, challenging kids, moving, finishing my double degree, just to mention a few. This year things will be different. This year I will not buckle under the pressure, but will give it over to the Lord, onto shoulders I know are strong enough to take it. This time I wont do it alone, but with God.

So I spent the night yesterday with the kids at the library getting all our books for the unit on Ancient Egypt and off to Walmart to get the materials for the crafts we will do. We also got a few movies as well, for those days I feel just a little too overwhelmed to stay on target. I am not going to get riled up over the small stuff, dont going to sweat if I dont get it all done on the days suggested, not going to get upset when we need to skip a day due to late hours at the office..this time we are going to relax (which if you know me, you know how hard this one is..I am a massive planner) and we are going to go with the flow, not against it!

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