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Bike Ride with Princess Bella

Bike Ride with Princess Bella

Aug 13, '11 1:17 AM
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On Tuesday afternoon Katie and I decided to take Princess Bella for a bike ride to show her the river and our favorite place to sit first. Bella really enjoyed the wind in her fur and the less windy conditions that we had when we visited the lighthouse. 
Our first stop was the statue of Mr Stephenson who built most of the original town of Marinette, including the Library and the Stephenson National Bank.

While at the river Katie showed Stella how to safely get down to the river and explore a little of the shorline, Princess Bella had fun fishing out a lillypad out of the water. They also enjoyed watching the ducks and the canadian geese that were swimming in the water.  From the shoreline I pointed to Princess Bella  Stephenson Island across the river which we will visit another day, there is a nice park there, a history museum, and a statue to honor the veterans.

After our nice visit at the river we headed down the sidewalk to the Stephenson Public Library and I don't know who was more excited to visit, Katie or Princess Bella.  After locking up the bikes we headed in to show Princess Bella all the cool books, dvd's and music that is inside.We stopped first at the front desk so Katie could pick up her specail prize she won from the summer reading program, which was a puzzle of the United States Flags and Capitols. I told Princess Bella we were in the newer section of the library and we would be going to the children's area which is part of the  original library. 
 Katie was very excited to take Bella to the childrens section where we met the children's librarian, Miss Adeliene. Miss Adelieine was very excited to visit our new friend and hear about her adventures so far .In the children's area Princess Bella love the puppets, puzzles and all the picture books in our library  We thanked her for taking a picture with Princess Bella than we were off to do some more exploring.

.As we left the chidlren's area we entered the original part and under the stairs to go up is the Story Nook, a neat place where story time takes place. When the library was remodled they put in several levels so you can sit and read a book or come to hear a book during story time.
We headed up the stairs and we had to stop and take pictures of the old statues and the painting of Mr Stephenson and Princess Bella learned the original library was built in 1902.  We went to take pictures of the Grandfather Clock that still needs to be wound up by a special key, the very cool curved architecture of the library and the beautiful stained glass window which in the top of the dome where we were. While I was taking these pictures Katie and Bella decided to take a rest and rock on the rocking chair, there are 2 very old rocking chairs at the library and Katie loves both of them. They must be at least a hundred years old and they are made with no nails or screws, just wood joints put together.

After touring the upstairs of the library Princess Stella helped push the button on the elevator and we went back downstairs where Katie took a picture of her next to a world map. This was part of our summer reading program where people filled out round circles of construction paper and wrote down where they travelled to in the United States or around the World. We left the library and went for a short walk across the parking lot to the Wisconsin Visitor Center.
At he Visitor Center we were able to show Princess Bella many of the interesting places you could visit in Wisconsin and she did help pick out a few brochures. She also liked  the poster of all the type of cheese that is made in Wisconsin and we plan on going to a cheese house before she leaves. We also got a map of Wisconsin and we are going to highlight where we live so Bella can show her family when she gets home.
It was a great afternoon but it was time to get back on our bikes and head home. When we got home Bella was tired after a long fun day so she took a nap and soon Drake was laying next to her, I think she has a new friend. 
More adventures to come soon and we are taking alot of pictures which Katie will put into a photo show when we are done.
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