Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Fest 2011

 One of the local churches were holding a Family Fest party this past weekend so we decided to go and check it out. We normally attend the different functions that the churches are holding because in Mesquite, there really is not alot to do and these events are normally pretty fun and safe. 

This year, the church that threw the Family Fest was a new church that just opened up, New Community Church,  and their mission was to spread the gospel in a non-threatening way. They were actually pretty creative about it. I received a flier in the mail that said they were doing free school supplies for elementary and middle school kids, free food, drinks, live music, and free entertainment.  Sounds like alot of fun, even if you are not a believer. So Thursday night we went down to check it out from 6-9pm.
They had tons to do: two separate bounce houses for the kids to play in, water dunking booth, bubbling blowing, ring toss, and so much more! The kids had a blast running from one thing to the next. Around 7 o'clock they started serving dinner: hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and drinks. Not gourmet food, but still yummy.  They had the band playing the whole time we were there everything from Christian Rock, blues, contemporary, you named it they played it. 

You can see pics of Drake doing the dunking booth. It was so sad, he hit the button to dunk the lady in the booth, but since hes only 4 he couldn't throw the ball hard enough to actually dunk her :( He was so disappointed.
Two pics are of the kids face paintings that they got, they both got them on their hands and cheek.
Pics of the kids eating the yummy grub!
Pics of Drake blowing bubbles, not very successfully, but hey he tries!

Below you can see pics of the MAD SCIENTIST they brought up on stage to show the effects of sin and how God saves those sins through Christs blood alone. It was actually pretty cool. He mixed a black chemical with a clear chemical to show how sin corrupts you and makes you unclean.  Then the water of course all turns black and nasty. Then he goes into the speech about how only Christs blood can wash away our sins and when we put our faith in him he washes us clean. When he said that he mixed the black sludge with some chemical and it turned clear again. It was really cool and you could hear all the kids ooohhhiihnnnnggg and aawwwweing. Then he invited the whole place to accept Christ that moment and be washed cleaned again. So many people came and accepted Christ it was so beautiful to watch,

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