Thursday, August 11, 2011

Genesis 37: Joseph and The PIt

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Today we studied Genesis 37:1-36. The story is about Joseph and his relationship with his brothers and father. Joseph is his father, Jacob's, favorite son. Jacob gives Joseph a robe of many colors, which in turn, makes his 7 brothers very jealous. To top it off, Joseph, starts having dreams that he will rule over his brothers, further igniting their hatred of him. Joseph is also the "snitch" of the brothers, reporting back to his father the going ons of his children. Needless to say, Joseph is not the man, but is disliked greatly. The brothers decide to throw him into a pit, but when Reube, the eldest brother leaves, the young ones decide better to trade him and make some money out of the deal. Which they do with delight. Reuben, trying to cover his butt, rips Josephs robe and bloodies his clothes and returns them to his father, Jacob, to let his imagination run wild. Which of course it does, and all of a sudden poor ol Joseph has been killed off by wild beasts and is dead. The pics are the girls interpretation of the story! I am proud of both of them for doing such a great job and working so hard today.  


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