Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our week with Teddy Bear

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Teddy Bear has gotten to do lots of exciting things already this past two weeks. Here is a taste of what Teddy has been getting to do:

We went to the bowling museum and see one of a kind bowling artifacts. I know it doesn't sound like fun, but it really is quite fun and exciting.  They had all sorts of wonderful things to do and see. We all really loved the bowling balls with the Dallas Cowboy's and Texas Rangers logos made into the balls. There were bowling video games, real bowling lanes, the history and invention of bowling and so so much more. Here is a link to the website if you would like more information on it :

 While in Arlington, we decided to stop by the Cowboy Stadium and snap a few shots for you. Cowboys Stadium is more than the home of the Dallas Cowboys, it's a world of facts and figures about the world's largest domed structure, an art museum, a classroom. The stadium does tours, but I could not afford one, but we did get to go inside the lobby area and they had some cool stuff, like the pic to the right, were you could place your face in the uniform. We tried to do Teddy but we found out that you had to pay for it, yes even for the flat (ridiculous). So we did get this one shot off before people went ballistic over taking photos without paying first. Here is a link to Cowboy Stadium

Here are the markers for parking, each after a famous Dallas Cowboy, past and present. To the right is a small replica of the Cowboy Stadium. Below are little cowboy stars that you can find all over the place, this one was in the lady's bathroom.  

This pic is from the first night you got here and Drake was exhausted and ready for bed. Our mail normally doe snot get here till close to 6 and luckily I actually got up and checked it! Its rare Drake shares his favorite blanket with anyone, so count yourself one lucky bear!  
Since I work FT, Drake spends his day at a Private Christian daycare/school combo. His birthday is not till October, so he is still considered Pre-K. He schools at home as well with his older sister using AWOA: Little Adventures.  He had to show off Teddy to his class mates and teacher though. They thought you were just too cute and adorable.

Drake has been playing Basketball for the Wild Cats her in Mesquite. This is his first time to play a team sport and you arrived the day before he got his trophy! He was so very very proud of his accomplishments, as was his family. Luckily Teddy got to see it all.

The kids have been dying to swim just about every single day this summer. Today was no exception. We only have a little pool in the backyard because Drake cannot actually swim, yet :) I promised Delaney I would take her to NRH2O, a water park in Arlington before the summer ended and school officially began.To the left is Drake in his pool and to the right is the outside of NRH2O, Delaneys pool. I didnt think it would be wise to bring you or my camera inside a waterpark, so you guys hug out in the car,but under shade of course! I have never seen so many people avoid front parking for shaded trees at the end of the lot! Have to love 106 degree summer Texas weather.

This is a taste of Arlington Stadium were the Texas Rangers play at. We are going to several other games on the 28th and the 9th of September and hopefully to see the Red Socks as well. If you want to know more about Arlington Stadium you can go to there web site at:    

Ok this one is a little hard to see, but right as you are about to go from Arlington into Grand Prairie, there is a little patch of land that has been there since I was moved to Texas some 25 years ago. If you look hard you will see the state of Texas made out of flowers. There is no place to park, without getting hit, so I didn't dare try, but I tried to slow down enough to snap a couple of photos (not dangerous at all, lol) so you could see this. It is VERY beautiful actually and my little shot does not do it justice.  Just one of the thousands of cool things that Texas has to offer!

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