Monday, August 15, 2011

Princess Bella visits Stephenson Island

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Princess Bella visits Stephenson Island

Aug 15, '11 12:52 AM
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When we were at the library last time and the Wisconsin Visitor Center we pointed over the bridge to Stephenson Island but were unable to go since I was very fatigued and my back was hurting so I promised Katie and Bella we would go a different time. So on Saturday I drove to the library and than we showed Bella the foot bridge leading to the island and right next to it is the Interstate Bridge which is for car/truck traffic and it connects Marinette Wisconsin and Menominee, Michigan and is one of the 3 bridges connecting the two cities.
Stephenson Island is surrounded by the Menominee River and is a favorite place for many local activities. There is a small playground, open pavillion for picnics or gatherings, enclosed stage/gazebo where concerts are held and movies in the park during the summer, boat lauch area, Statue to honor all Marinette County veterans, and the Marinette County Historical Logging Museum. 

After showing Bella where theMuseum was (it was closed) and a peek inside the windows we showed her a Cabin that was place on the island years ago. This one room cabin once housed an entire family, Katie said she could never live in such a small cabin but I reminded her in the early pioneer days this was common. Next we went over to the Veterans Statue and took some pictures than it was time to play at the park while Drake and I took a rest on the park bench. When Katie and Bella were done playing we headed over to the boat launch  than walked along the roadway to show Bella what under the Interstate Bridge looked like and what it sounded like when the traffic goes by above. I pointed out a local company that you can see from here called Marinette Marine, they have many contracts with the Navy to build ships and the Coast Guard.

After a few pictures we headed back towards the library where our van was parked. Katie said she was tired and ready to relax for a bit at home, I think we tired Drake and Bella out also. Once we got home Katie watched a movie on the couch and Drake and Bella fell asleep and took a good afternoon's nap
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