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A World of Adventure: Week One...August 9-13, 2011

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Pic #1 Josephs Jail

Pic #3
Pic #2 Necklace of many colors
 This was our official first week of homeschooling and I have been so psyched its unreal. I was a little nervous and hesitant and I had that little demon screaming at me that I cannot do it, but we made it! Better yet, we made it and were happy, excited and couldn't get enough of it!

That's right folks, week one was a snap. Who says you cannot work full-time and home-school your kids? NOT ME. Of course, we are still trying to find a flow, but all in all things went remarkably well. We even had, Princess's, best friend all week, who schooled with us enthusiastically. I didnt get to work in our Mystery of History and we only did one day of Life of Fred math, but hey we can work it in as we get more comfortable with one schedule at a time. I just keep telling myself baby steps. Dont over kill and stress yourself and them out., better to go slowly and feel a little behind than overworked and hating it. Besides who says we have to complete it EXACTLY how its wrote. Its my school and I get to make the rules around here! :)

So we are a happy home-schooling bunch. I was thrilled when my daughter actually WANTED to start her day with bible lessons. That is her favorite part and we spend alot of time on this section, but I am perfectly ok with Bible overkill! Here are some pics from the first week.

Pic # 4 Princess
Pic #1: These pics are just a few of the things that we managed to cover. First we got Josephs jail. This is going back to Genesis when Joseph is thrown into jail based off of lies and manipulations that Potiphers (probably misspelled this one)wife tells about Joseph.

Pic #2: Drizzle Fizzle showing off his necklace of many colors after learning about Joseph and his coat of many colors. We also talked about this coat being the beginning of trouble for Joseph

Pic #3: Princess best friend, Sara, wearing her necklace of many colors. Her friend is leaving for Pennsylvania this week so the girls have been inseparable.

Pic #4: Princess and her necklace of many colors as well.

Princess and Drizzle eating the brothers jail
Here we have the kids making their edible jails to represent when Josephs brothers came to buy food from Egypt and they did not recognize their brother, Joseph. Joseph to test their hearts puts them all in jail and eventually releases them all but Simeon. He keeps him until his other brothers bring back Benjamin, the youngest of the clans to prove to Joseph they can be trusted and have full repentance. More to the story, but you get the jest of it at least. Always a good one to read! Genesis 40-43

We have been studying desert life for science and how the animals survive and the different types of flora, fauna and habitats that made up Egypt. Below is the kids rendition of a cactus. They decided to use vienna sausages because they were long and sat upright like a cactus. The only issue was the fall apart easily and did not hold the thorns very well either :( They had fun though attempting and ultimately just decided to eat them, like everything else we made :)

The Cactus Experiment
The last art project we did to support all our reading and learning, was to make the Nile River. We  have been studying the Nile all week and the kids were finally starting to grasp how important it was for day to day living for the people in biblical times and today.

They gathered all the needed material and even had a King Tut movie playing in the background. Who would have figured my kids would love history...must be Gods cruel joke, knowing how much I dislike it. I attribute my great disdain for history based on all my teachers oly wanting to teach wars and murder and chaos, never about the actual people, the backdrop, the after affect on the people..not just the military. So we have all three kiddos putting together the Nile and having a blast doing it.  Drizzle kept going from the "mummies" on the TV to the art project. He's only 4 and its VERY hard to keep his attention for more than 20 minutes on anything. The fact that he spent 3 hours making art projects was amazing within itself.
So here is the final product of the Nile. They even included over sized turtles because " things were larger back then."

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