Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beta Testing E-Learning for K12

So I got the wonderful opportunity to be a beta tester for my son with a new program launched for Kindergarten. Now as many of you are aware, because my sons birthday falls slightly beyond the cutoff time, he cannot be enrolled in traditional Kindergarten. Although this really does not mater since I home educate anyway, its still irritating. So when I got selected to be a beta tester for K12 Kindergarten site I though, "why not, lets see if he would be ready by public school standards". This week will be our first week. If you are interested here is a link to the website: so you can check it out yourself. I love the idea of internet homeschool and I think it will work out great for our family. My son loves to play around on the computer and as long as he does not know its "school" he does fabulous with educational sites and activities. I cannot wait to test drive this baby and see what its made of. Wish us luck!
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