Friday, September 2, 2011

The Dallas Arboretum

Finally Dollar Daze at the Arboretum rolled around and we decided to spend the day in 100 plus weather. We took along my nephews Kristian and Jace and had a blast. We started our morning off eating out at Denny's and ventured into the wonderful Texas summer heat. If you have never been to the Arboretum you really are missing out. There is so much to see and do its ridiculous. Not to mention that it's right next door to White Rock Lake!
Towering trees, colorful gardens and lush lawns are the perfect setting for an educational adventure and we took full advantage. They also still had the Fairy Tale Castle exhibit,  Texas Pioneer Adventure exhibit,

"integrate your social studies, science and language arts curriculum in the Texas Pioneer Adventure exhibit. This nationally award-winning, two-acre exhibit will take your students back in time to see the land as the pioneers saw it. They will record data and experiences in their own explorer's journals as they explore a tepee, a real sod house and two settlers' cabins. We will challenge your students' imaginations and encourage them to consider creative, practical solutions to problems encountered by the Texas pioneers. Students will also investigate native plant gardens, a crop garden and go on a hunt in our kitchen garden to discover plants used for medicine, food, clothing and even insect repellent!"

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