Saturday, September 17, 2011

Energy Ball

Note: An Energy Ball is a white ball that looks like a ping-pong ball with two metal strips
underneath. When someone touches both metal strips, a light turns on and the
ball makes a spooky noise. Use this activity to guide students through an
investigation of how it works. Pair students with a partner and have them discuss
each question before you reveal the answer.

Step 1
Do: Activate the Energy Ball by holding it in the palm of your hand.
Ask: What do you think makes the ball flash and hum?
(Answer: Electricity from a small battery activates a light and a noise maker.)

Step 2
Do: Show the metal contacts. First touch just one contact to show that the ball will not
activate. Then touch both contacts to demonstrate the technique for activating
the ball.
Ask: Why do I have to touch both contact points to make the ball work?
(Answer: Electricity must be given a complete path, or circuit, in order to flow.
When you touch both contacts your body is completing the circuit. A small
amount of electricity passes through your body to activate the ball.)

Step 3
Do: Connect the two contacts with a small piece of paper to show that some materials
will not complete the circuit. (The ball will not light up.)
Say: As you can see, the Energy Ball won’t light up when paper is used to
complete the circuit. Can you think of any materials that might work?
Do: Try out any feasible ideas. Use aluminum foil, paper, cloth, etc.

Step 4
Ask: What kinds of materials were able to complete the circuit?
(Answer: Only materials that conduct electricity, such as metals, will work to
complete the circuit. Interestingly enough, our bodies also conduct electricity.)
♦ Energy Ball
♦ aluminum foil
♦ cloth scrap
♦ paper
Energy Ball

Step 5
Ask: If I touch one metal contact and someone else touches the other, will
the ball light?
Do: Try this, but make sure your hands are not touching.
(Answer: The energy ball will not work since the electricity does not have a
complete circuit through which to flow.)

Step 6
Ask: Will the ball light if we hold the ball and hold hands?
Do: Use your free hands to hold hands.
(Answer: Yes. Electrical current passes through your bodies and activates the
energy ball.)

Step 7
Ask: Will the ball light if we add a third person?
Do: Add a third person to form a circle.
(Answer: Yes. Current passes through all three people.)

Step 8
Ask: How many people can we add and still activate the ball?
Do: Keep adding students until the entire class has joined the circle.
(Answer: The ball will light up with the whole class holding hands. Beyond
that, who knows???? Try it!)

The Energy Ball is available in many novelty and science stores.

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