Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day Back to AWANA

So excited that AWANA has started back up for the kids. I love this time of year. The kids get so happy to dust off the books, pull out the uniforms and start memorizing scripture. Makes my heart warm and so proud of them both. Last year princess finished book one for T & T and we had a little celebration for her. This year is her last year with AWANA before moving up into youth group so she's excited and pumped up to get book 2 down. Its all a race and about winning and beating everyone else to her. I wish it was all about scripture but nope. Its more about saying she knows more bible verses than the other kids in her group that grew up in church. She's competitive, iam not at all.

Drizzle fizzle is still in cubbies and on book one. He's made it through about half his book and he loves the patches. For him its memorizing scripture to get the new badge for mommy to sew on. Hey whatever works for them both iam good with. They both retain tons of scripture and do not even realize it till its talked about in church or we play bible trivia games. Then they impress themselves. So I figure let them want to win prizes, beat the masses and get badges. God is working in them!

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