Saturday, September 17, 2011

Materials                                                         Roles
Tray or plastic plate                                         Reporter
Two 9 oz. clear cups                                       Recorder
Water (colored with food coloring)                  Materials Manager
Ice                                                                  Leader
Spoon or ice scoop

1. The Materials Manager asks the teacher for two half full cups of colored
water for their team and puts a scoop of ice in one of the cups.
2. The Leader begins the activity by asking the team members to observe the
glasses of water for 3 minutes. The team discusses their observations of both
glasses as the Recorder records the observations on each glass below.
3. The Leader leads a discussion about what happened in the experiment and
ask the team to discuss the question “Is there water in the air?”
4. The Recorder writes the ideas of the team members
5. The Reporter shares the results of the experiment with the class.

Plain Water                                             Ice Water

Is there water in the air? Explain your answer: _______________________________

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