Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bob the Builder @ the Science Place

So my youngest is a fan of the great Bob the Builder. So when the opportunity arrived for us to go and check him out, we did. I registered for the tickets a month before he came, just to make sure we were there opening day at 8AM!! Of course, no trip to see a character your son has been begging for is complete, without a complete melt down the 2nd they spot him. That's right, you heard/read right, he melted down into a hysterical fear tantrum when good ol' 6'4" Bob came bounding up to say "Hi". I should have anticipated this from the whole Hello Kitty debacle a few months back, but nope, I am too optimistic for that one ;) So all that planning, talking and waking up at the butt of dawn on a Saturday for the boy to melt down. We did have fun though ultimately. I'll finish later, but for now Ill publish away so my family can see the pics!

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