Sunday, November 27, 2011

Education World: The Human Body: An Online Tour

Today we start my favorite subject of all time, The Human Body! I am so psyched to get to teach my kids all about the different systems and how they are interlinked. The body is, in my opinion, the most amazing thing God ever created. We are starting our study with an art project. May sound weird, but this is the best way to get my daughter interested in the topic. I am having her trace an outline of her body (ok, actually I am tracing her) then she is going to label her skeletal system after putting in all the correct bones using different materials. One she does this we will then study the functions of each bone, and how it interrelates to the rest. We will do this with each system until we have studied them all. When we are done, she will make one large art project, drawing all systems together. As we complete each phase, I will update this page so she can see her progress. We will be using Education World: The Human Body: An Online Tour  and as the premise for our material and testing on the Human Body, along with AWOA and several other Anatomy books we already have.
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