Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party Food and Games Pre-K Style

Cheese Finger Foods!
This year I volunteered to be the room mom for my son's Pre-K Halloween Party. Luckily, I don't have to go at it alone, I got a wonderful co-partner, Kim,  to help out with decorations, getting the cake and pizza, etc. I did elect to take care of all the finger foods, games, set up and running the games (hopefully with her help as well!). After some research online I found a few wonderful little, creepy finger foods perfect for a Pre-K Halloween.
I got some fabulous recipes from Family Fun ( and also from All Recipes (

How they finger foods came out

Finger foods Material
I really enjoy getting to do things like this for my son, or any of my kids for that matter. Just those little things that they can look back on and remember us doing together. I want them to know that I am active in their lives and care about what is going on with them and the things that are important to them. Even things like parties. Plus, I think it teaches them a valuable lesson on giving your time to help others and to have a servants heart. They each got to help me gather materials in the store, assemble them at home, package them up and will ultimately help me bring them to his daycare/school so other kids and their little brother can enjoy them. Surprisingly, they have not once gripped and have actually looked like they enjoyed helping me. Although I never mention or ask because I already know were that leads:) I ve been a mom for 16 years, give me some credit ;) 
eyeballs just before freezing
the eyes themselves

I took a few shots of what materials we gathered, what each of the food items looked like as we were putting them together and finished products.
The eyeballs took the longest, only because you have to freeze them for 3 hours first.The edible eyeballs I will have to add in in about 3 hours.
Forked Eyeballs

The Menu:

Forked Eyeballs

Edible Eyeball Treats

Cheese Finger Food

                               Green Punch 

 Here are the links for each recipe if you want to make your own!:

                                            The Games:______________________

Pin the Candy Corn on the Pumpkin

Pin the Heart on the Skeleton

Halloween Bingo

Frankenstein Races (think red light, green light)

Human, Human, Monster
                                                     (think duck, duck, goose)

The Extra Goodies:
1. What party is complete without some spiders? Figured we could use these as confetti to place on the table while they are eating!
2. Also, you HAVE to have a party bag, come on, kids practically expect these things. So included in our party bags are: a skeleton, spider rings, bat rings, vampire teeth, bat puzzle, Frankenstein and spider stamps, bubbles,
and a single piece of candy.

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