Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Ten Guilty Pleasures

I thought it would be nice to write about something just for fun, so this is what I came up with. What can I say, its Wednesday and my brain is only at half power right now. My kids can easily tell you what their momma's guilty pleasures are, but I still thought it would be fun to blog about for the rest of my audience, so you can all make fun of me later. (lol).

1. Vampire Diaries-yes,yes I know its a show for teenagers and all that, but I am literally OBSESSED with this show. My kids know on Thursdays at 7pm, don't talk to momma. It can hold over till commercial. Sad I know, yes, but so painfully true. I am not 100% sure why I love this show so much. I don't believe in vampires and werewolves and things that go bump in the night or anything twisted and sadistic like that. It is just an entertaining show. Now I do like IAN SOMERHALDER and think he is a fabulous actor and I remember him from Lost. That's not why I watch the show though, I guess I like the twisted romance and I am rooting for the underdog. I would like to blame this show on my kids, but they don't watch it at all, so yes, I am strange and I love the little teenager show,even though I am in my 30's. Sue me, you won't get much!

2. The Wii- so we got a Wii 2 years ago for the kids for Christmas. I love this stinky thing. I adore playing bowling, sword fighting, rock band, are you smarter than a 5th grader and all the other wonderful Wii games we have acquired. I play with my kids, by myself, with anyone that will play. It;s just a fun way to blow off some steam and act like a little kid again. Me and my kids father love to turn on Rock Band and embarrass the crap out of our kids. Especially when our 12 year old daughter is outside checking out the cute neighbor boy. Who needs a gun when you can bad vocals and a great sound system? At this rate she will probably never get a boys attention! Mission accomplished. :) 

3.Reading- I have enough books to open a small library right about now and that's after we sold half of them. Its the worst thing about moving and the greatest enjoyment I have in life, outside of my kids of course. I read whatever I get my hands on, my I really love plays, true crime and mysteries. Those are the books dreams are made of. I hate reading a really fantastic book and then get all psyched up about the movie for the movie to blow, ie : Interview with a Vampire. Just saying. I love to read. Its like a movie playing in my head and when I put the book down, I hit pause on the movie to pick it back up later. Nothing beats a good book. Right now I am reading Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell and also reading The 9th Judgment by James Patterson. Portable entertainment, love it!

4. Sewing- OK well not really sewing, since I don't own a machine, but I adore making blankets for my kids. They are all hand stitched and most are done in patchwork style. I enjoy going through the store with my kids and letting them pick out fabric for me to use to make their blankets. I always put their names in the middle and use at least 2 colors. It all started when my last born was born and I wanted to make him a blanket. What I thought would be just a regular cover blanket ended up being his "blankie" and it goes everywhere he goes since he's been born. I have patched and patched his blanket so many times. You cannot even tell that it was blue and green, it looks off white now. 

5. Coffee: Who does not love a good cup of Joe? It's my addiction in life. I love everything about coffee. The way it smells when you first open the container, the way it smells when brewing, the creamers all of it. I even love all the different coffee mugs you can buy. My favorite Halloween Mug and my favorite sports team mug! GO VIKINGS!!! WHOOT WHOOT..which brings me to my next guilty pleasure....sports!

6. Sports- Hockey, Football, Basketball, Baseball, UFC, Rugby...whats not to love about sports? A bunch of sweaty, men beating the dog snot out of each other for fun! I am sorry, I am set,hooked, line and sinker. Maybe its because I am the only girl, in a family of brothers and a slew of male cousins. Who knows, but I love sports. Hockey and UFC are my favorites, I must admit. I love GSP and the Dallas Stars! Sports get my blood boiling and can easily set my mood for the day. My kids are sports junkies too, except my 16 year old, go figure, but there still time for me to warp his mind. I have not given up yet. Birthdays, Christmas, anytime of the year sports packages are the ultimate gift that keeps on giving back! 

7. Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches: I know strange right? There addictive. I love searching and trying to beat my kids when they play along. I like seeking out patterns they use. Its fun, its easy and its relaxing. It takes no thought really. I can do them while I am waiting on my kids to finish assignments and I don't get irritated or feel "interrupted, " its simple joy.  

8. Organizing: I despise having things out of place, but it happens,especially with kids. That's life. For some insane, erratic reason organizing things and rearranging things de-stresses ( I am not sure that is a word) me when I am really, really ticked off. I think its just hard to be mad when you are worn out physically, and mentally. Plus, having the whole house looking different does something to calm me internally. Who knows, it's just the way God designed me :) 

9.Singing and Dancing; neither of which I can do well by the way. If you know me, you know you are not getting into my car and making it through the trip without hearing me "sing" most of the time. Song brings out so many emotions and memories I cannot phantom how anyone cannot love to sing and dance along, even if they do do it badly. So what. If you dont want to hear me, dont come around. Otherwise suck it up and deal, it makes me happy and I am going to continue to do it! I love country, rock, pop, blues, metal, christian, alternative..pretty much all music but rap. There area  few rap song I like, but not enough to claim them as a type of music I like. Sorry rap fans. Something about being degraded as a woman in 90% of rap music turns me off to it. Plus, I have issues with people who can call themselves one word, but the rest of the world cannot? Makes no sense and breads ignorance. So I dont listen to it. Just my opinion. 

10. Baths: Nothing screams to me like a nice hot steaming bubble bath that I can crawl into and drown the world out and sit and read. Need I really say more? Didnt think so.

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