Saturday, October 8, 2011

National Chess Day

      Alright all you chess enthusiast. It's time to bust out our boards and set up some place nice and public and invite some lonely soul to sit down and learn the lovely game of chess with you! That's right, find some curious soul and invite him/her to a good ol' fashion chess game and get to know someone without the use of electronics; no facebook, no twitter, no cell phones, no I pad, just good ol' fashion face to face normal communication...think stone-age! Plus, you have the perfect opportunity to show the love of Christ and who knows, maybe you can actually talk about Christ and how wonderful and amazing your life is because of His grace and forgiveness!

      OK, so maybe you have never heard of National Chess Day and right about now your scratching your head wondering what in the world is this crazy woman blogging about in her insanity inspired mood?  Well, it just so happens I know the history behind this little wonderful phenomenal. OK, OK, confession time, I personally do not know the history, but via my 16 year old son and all his wonderful intelligence of random and useless information,  I now know the hx of it, so there. Hey, hey there is a reasonable explanation for me claiming his vast knowledge. Since technically we share some of the same chromosomes and all, I am going to claim I am legally entitled to his knowledge, as my knowledge simply because it helps me out :) Don't get all judgmental and act like you have never "borrowed" your kids thoughts, ideas and knowledge....your talking to a mother here! :) So anyway, back to my original, un-rambling (not sure thats a word,other than in my world) thought and statement. This annual tradition was started by President Gerald Ford who, with much love and enthusiasm,  threw out the first pawn by proclaiming Oct 9, 1976 to be National Chess Day: “To give special recognition to a game that generates challenge, intellectual stimulation, and enjoyment for citizens of all ages.” It’s being celebrated on Oct 8 this year because Oct 9 falls on a Sunday, although some still recognize it as Oct 9.

    So if chess is your bag or you think it may be what inspires and uplifts you go check out their web site here and bust out your board and enter the ultimate challenge! Don't own a board, don't worry, grab your legos (you know you have some) and make one! Get creative and enjoy life. See you on the battlefield.

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