Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Halloween Pumpkins

Momma's Pumpkin
We love carving Halloween Pumpkins and in fact have a folder on our desktop dedicated to different designs for pumpkins. Were slightly obsessive about it. This is my Vampire Owl, scary hu? We have 4 more to come, so I'll update when we get them all cut out and ready for your viewing pleasure! I would love to see your pumpkins too!
Drizzle's Scary Monster Pumpkin
Ok here are the other two that I made...The bottom one is the Jolly Roger, it's my daughters and the top one is A Scary Monster Pumpkin, its my youngest son's. So there are our Halloween pumpkins for 2011!
Princess's Pumpkin, the Jolly Roger

Just wanted to share how adorable my Drizzle Fizzle is in his little Mario outfit for Halloween! Couldn't help it :)
The Final Product! After several costumes, we get to the winner, Mario

Drizzle and his Daddy trying on his costume

Both Pumpkins together

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