Monday, October 10, 2011

Sppoky Story Unit Study

OK so I decided to finally try my hand at writing my own unit study for my little girl. I currently use AWOA and we like it, don't get me wrong, but we needed a break after spending a the last 50 days in Egypt. I decided to let my daughter pick what we would study. She has been begging and pleading with me to do spooky stories. Finally, I gave in and said I would give it a whirl. I am taking it week by week. Who knew writing a unit study took so so much time, research and effort....oh yea, all you moms that already do it! LOL
So after spending the last 2 weeks researching how to do a unit study and taking some guidance from how the AWOA looks, I gt my first week pulled together! GO TEAM ME!  Its not fantastic, but hey for a newbie at homeschooling and unit studies I am pretty darn proud of myself right about now.
We opened up with reading some story scary stories aloud together.  Took on some Edgar Allen Poe ( I know he's fabulous), then switched into some Ted Dekker, and over to some Stephen King, your basics in fear delivering! My daughter got a kick out of this, because her little brother started crying because they were too scary for him. Cut his some slack he is only 4!~ Geesh people~

We started a writing journal, which I will grade on a rubric scale and I asked her some pondering questions to discuss orally and journal about:

• What is it about scary stories that scare us?
•  How does the author use the characters to draw us into the scary elements?
• Have you ever been scared as a child? Did you ever discover what scared you, or is it a mystery?
• Have you ever scared someone else? What happened?
• Are there any ghost stories about the home you grew up in? Town? School?
• What scares you? Why?
• How does the author use mood and atmosphere to create a scary illusion?

For her math, I wrote some spooky stories dealing with adding, subtracting and multiplying fractios.
For science we started on Super Charged Science Halloween by Aurora. We love this lady, so many wonderful things so has on her site and so creative! My kids have never loved science so much as they do when she teaches it. Go AURORA!
For art, we went a different direction today. We are going to WWE RAW tomorrow and we made posters instead! Hey, we have to have some fun too!

That was day one.  I'll try and get some pics up by the end of the week.
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