Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 Ok the WHOOT WHOOT could not be helped. We love the state fair. We don't ride alot of the ride, simple because we are lower,lower, lower middle class and the rides are way to expensive for me and I am ok with admitting that! That being said, we still love to go and take advantage of all the free things to do. We love going to the barn yard area and listening to Mother Goose stories, feeding the barn yard animals, watching the clown show, the magic show and taking in all the surroundings. We all love people watching and making up stories about people we see, looking at the cars we will never own in this lifetime. Hey we are holding out hope that in Heaven we get a really sweet ride :) We adore getting to take advantage of all the free exhibits and museums that open up as well during the fair. Plus, i make sure I put up some money to play a few games and ride at least 2 rides each. I am very blessed that my kids are just ecstatic they get to go, despite the imitations in funds.They don't whine and complain and for that I know I am blessed. They understand that I am a single mother raising them and we have other responsibilities that have to take priority.

 We had loads of fun going through the Haunted House that blew bubbles at you at the end. Scared the crap out of Princess, and made me laugh like crazy! Eventually she laughed too, and wanted to do it again, but we had already promised Drizzle that we would do the Flume as our 2nd ride since that is his favorite thing at the fair.  I would have taken pics, but I kinda value my camera and water seems to ruin electronics for some freakish reason! Go figure ;)

While we were at the Mother Goose show, Princess got picked to participate in the show. She even got to play a cat, which is her favorite animal. Mother Goose was pretty cool. She sang, she danced, and she read a few books. All in all it was a good time.
They even had a sign language interpreter there, which I thought was pretty neat.  The one thing I really like about this section of the fair,other than the obvious that it's free, is its completely kid friends. You did not see tons of drunks, cussing teenagers and adults, but simply pure, clean fun!! I could use more of that when we go out and about.

After seeing Mother Goose, the circus and the clowns, we popped on over to the petting zoo. We got to see Elsie number #35 ( I think thats right) and the next baby Elsie in line!

Below are just some pics of the animals the kids liked the best. Drizzle loved the baby pigs, and zebras. Princess loved the goats, and as you can tell, they loved her hair! The Kangaroo with the baby Joey in the pouch was my favorite.


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