Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wrestling Education

That's right, you read that title correctly! Yesterday, we put normal education (like there is such a beast) on hold and decided to do some wrestling education, WWE RAW style. You might think me slightly strange, but hey worse things have been said about me :) We have been playing this trip since June, when I took my nephew to see Smack Down for his birthday and I didn't let my kids come along. So payback time. My son is about to turn 5 and he wanted to go to wrestling to, so yesterday was the day. 
We started our day off with a little art lesson called: Make the biggest, baddest sign to get on camera! Which they did :0 My daughter made one for Kelly Kelly and AJ (Her favorite female wrestlers) and my son made one for John Cena and John Cena. A boys gotta have his favorites and at least he is consistent. Big props to both my kids. They did fabulous. They both got creative with decorations, writing the names, drawing their logos etc. Are they going to win an art contest, probably not, but they get my vote for creativity hard work and most important team work! I loved seeing them help each other out. My son cannot spell John Cena obviously so he had to rely on his sister to help with spelling and she in turn let him handle the glitter and there was LOTS of it.
We also got into some of the theatrics behind wrestling. From addressing the stage set up and purpose,cameras and angels they use for illusions,  to lighting design, gel colors, uses, and touched on some sound engineering and tracing wires when we got there. They got really fascinated with the set up of the stage and how the stage is designed to make noises louder than they are. They even noticed the microphones located under the stage!
For our math we went into angels of the ring, perimeters and diameters, weight it could hold, height, and some basic dimensions. Nothing too fancy, just simple math. Watched a couple videos on how rings are made
The WWE even have a math game you can play on their web site. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome, that's how awesome! I love rhetorical questions :)

We studied the history of wrestling and even watched a few clips of famous wrestlers from when I was young.

We even got the Randy Orton Documentary and watched that and the John Cena Documentary.  The kids loved this lesson and did not even realize how much they were learning!

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