Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yesterland Farms

The handsome little man in the wrestling shirt and that beautiful, unhappy girl in the orange shirt, those are mine!
Rubber Duck Race
picking the perfect pumpkin
duck races

dress a scarecrow   

Well today we did our first trip with our home-school co-op, First Class Forney-Terrell, to the Yesterland Farms in Canton, TX. They had tons of things to do and we had loads of fun. The kids got to pick there own pumpkin, and so did mom. Drizzle decorated his like a football and Princess did a cross on hers. We took a very bumpy "hayride." We were actually a little disappointed with the hayride because it was more of a train ride than a hayride, but it was enjoyable. We spent some time at the yesterdland zoo and the kids pet horse's, rabbits,  ducks, etc. What kid doesn't love zoos? I think all the kids favorite thing was the Rubber Duck Race. Although, they did appear to have a pretty fabulous time at the sac races too, but lets face it,who doesn't love a good sac race? I know I do. The kids got to learn all about pumpkin harvesting and growing by watching a movie in Giant Tipi Theatre. They got to play Dress a Scarecrow and race boys against girls. Not sure who won, but it was

Finding the perfect pumpkin
fun to cheer them all on and watch em go crazy. The kids also got to take on a giant slide and so did momma ;) Of course, I only went down it for the kids sake (wink, wink). There were also tons of rides we got to do, such as Santa's Runaway Roller Coaster, a Ferris Wheel and the like. If you get the chance to go out to Yesterland, I highly recommend it.

Here Are Some Other  Things to Do!

Get Lost in the Corn Maze (didn't get to do this, but when we go this weekend we will!)
Shinny up a Rock Wall (wished we could have done this, but it was not set up)
Shoot Pumpkin Launcher (cant wait to do this)
Fire the Corn Cannon
Mine for Gemstones (my daughter is anticipating this one)
Cheer at Pig Races (come on its pigs...racing...you know you love it)
Play in Mini-Western Ghost Town
Toss Horse Shooz (we do this at home)
Ride ‘em Ponies
Face Painting


YesterLand Amazement Park

Santa’s Runaway Sleigh Coaster
Ferris Wheel
Tubs of Fun
Kiddie Swingers
Chubby Choppers
Ride the Rattler
Canoe the Rapids
Barrel O’Monkeys Train
Fire Trucks
Red Baron Airplanes
Ferris Wheel
Spinning Apple

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