Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Granpa's House

The kids were so excited to get to go up to MN to visit family. They could hardly wait. being from Texas we hardly see snow. We see lots of slush, ice, and rain, but very seldom do we get to see actual SNOW! When we first arrived the forecast showed no signs of snow and you could see the kids deflate right before your eyes. They decided they would still have fun, just not as much. They went wondering around the train tracks that run through my step-mothers 100 acres of farm land. they learned about soy beans and growing corn. The learned about the different types of vegetation that will grow up north, but not in the south (like Rhubarb)
The house and farm
Railroad tracks

Finally, the snow hit! Out of nowhere they got 6" and the kids went bonkers! The ran out side as the first flurries started hitting the ground and we barley saw them that entire day. Good thing about living in a town with a population of 412 people. You can let your kids play. Your neighbors know you and look out for you.

After a few hours,I did make them come in. They opted to play cards together, Texas Holdem, and wait out their frozen fingers, toes and noses. Then it was right back to play outside. Glad my parents keep extra snow suits, hats and gloves. We left 75-80 degree weather and wound up in -10. I love life.

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