Sunday, November 20, 2011

Learning color and word recognition

Reading and following directions!
So for the last couple of weeks, I ve been working with my Drizzle on color and word recognition. I created this very simple game to help teach him his colors and color words. I cut some pieces of felt shaped like Popsicle and glued them together so the bottom end is open. Then I got Popsicle sticks and wrote in the color green- in green ink; blue-in blue ink, etc Then Drizzle matches the color on the stick to the fabric color and places the stick in-between the 2 pieces of felt to make a Popsicle. Even his sister got into it.It was nice to have her want to join in to. Drizzle loves it when his sister plays with him, even when he's learning. We must have played this game for an hour. He started off strong, but by the end, he was just making up crazy words and colors. The felt became cows, ducks and sheep's and the sticks....well, lets just say he's creative. Afterward, Drizzle was exhausted and decided that reading grandpa's fireman books were more fun than matching colors and words.


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