Sunday, November 27, 2011

Redwood Falls Shopping by Candlelight

While visiting family, we decided to take the small town tour and show the kids what Christmas is like in small communities. So we went shopping by candlelight in Red Wood Falls. The kids thought it was so cool to get to do. The streets were lined with lights and candles and the lamp posts were all decorated with bright colors. The place was beautiful. Inside the shops people had out cookies, cider, coco, coffee and alot of them were doing Christmas presents.

The kids got to take a horse drawn carriage ride and get a tour of the city, while Christmas music was playing throughout the town. the kids got the biggest kick out if this for some reason.

The kids visited the church my father grew up in and was saved in. They got to watch a reenactment of the birth of our Savior and even got to go and "worship"Christ at the manger and talk to the wise men, who told the story of the coming Messiah and were they could go and find him!

Shopping by Candlelight!
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