Saturday, November 26, 2011

Roller Skating 101

Drizzle has been harping on me for the last year to take him roller skating. He has been one time before back when he was 3 and we went for his sisters birthday, but he could not skate on his own, or really stand on them by himself. Technically I count this as his first time to roller skate, since he can do it alone! I brought him up for his first big boy lesson that he got to do all by himself and he was SO PROUD!
We had to get his wheels tightened a little bit,but he was a pro at it. He even got out on the floor and did a boogie!

He learned all about:
T-Position Standing Still
Falling Down & Getting Up
T-Stop Toe Stop
Red Light Green Light
Beginning Backwards Marching
Forward Scissors
Beginning Backwards Scissors
Cannon Ball
Hokey Pokey

He had such a fabulous time I had to drag him out after 3 hours, which was simply all I could muster. He did make a cute little friend a year older than him and they skated alone and played games. He was too embarrassed I guess to skate with his mommy and told me I could skate ahead when he fell on purpose so he could catch his friend on the way around. They grow up too fast :( 
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