Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sea Life Field Trip



We just discovered that we had a Sea Life open up next to Lego Land, so since we got discounted tickets, we decided to go and check it out. We had heard that they have a turtle that was rescued after a boat hit it and they are one of the places that use the weight system to help them to be able to stay underwater and swim. Since my daughter wants to be an animal rescuer I thought this would be something pretty neat for her to get to check out and spend some time exploring God's underwater creators that need her help.

We watched this really cook movie on Sea Life Conservation that the kids loved that covered:
  • Breeding
  • Seal Rescues
  • Re-homing
  • Campaigns
My daughter loved learning all about seahorse breeding, seal rescue, marine animal rescue and ways she can help with re-homing animals of the sea! 

SeahorseSeahorse Breeding 

We learned about how SEA LIFE has been doing its part on seahorse breeding, successfully breeding and rearing nine different species of endangered sea creature from facing extinction.They are also part of the
International Taxon Advisory Group, which oversees important seahorse protection and conservation endeavors around the world. 

Seal Rescue

Seal rescue

We also found aout about another conservation area that sea life is a part of ...Seal Rescue! Along with Seal Sanctuaries annually rescues, cares for and returns to the wild more than 100 orphaned, injured and sick seal pups each year.

Marine Animal Rescue

Marine animal rescue
They also rescue rare sturgeon, dolphins, Minke Whales and Sea Turtles. They even rescued a Kemps Ridley Turtle found close to death on a beach in southern England was returned to the wild off North Carolina.


"SEA LIFE provides permanent homes for damaged and disabled creatures rescued and in need of homing, that would otherwise have been killed or put to sleep. By show casing all of these beautiful creatures that have found their way to live with us, we can engage with our visitors to help you to understand how small daily routines and changes can count towards the survival of many of our creatures at no cost or little effort!
Occasionally we rescue and care for other, more unusual creatures. We gave homes to two severely disabled Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Antiopi, who was brain damaged by an ugly gaffe-wound and Lefteris, who had lost two flippers would have both died if a collaboration between us and the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece (Archelon) hadn’t brought them to us."

We also went searching for Cownose Stingray: 

Here are some fun activities we did with the stingrays: 

    Cownose ray
  • Find the Cownose rays, swimming together in their ocean tank
  • See how they use their synchronized wing flaps to stir up sediment on the ocean tunnel floor
  • Learn about why they are under threat
  • Spot their happy face smiling back at you
  • Watch Cownose rays breaching the water surface to look at guests!

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