Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2:7 Series The Begining

Link Text Last month I started the 2:& Series. If you have never herd of this series I suggest you look into it. I started it because I hate the feeling of someone asking me questions about the Bible I cannot tell them were to go to start to find answers. I knew scripture and stories in the Bible, just not locations! This is a huge part of the Bible, I could direct you to Old or New Testament, I could even tell you the round about of that the scripture said, but that was as far as it went. I felt useless in sharing the gospel and therefore, was very hesitant when I wanted to speak and was drawn by the Spirit to speak up. I figured no one else can rectify this problem for me, but me. So our church was beginning the 2:7 Series and I thought why not. I'll buy the book and if it looks to overwhelming I just wont show up for class, no harm no foul. So I paid my $10 bucks, took the book home and the first class was that night. I thought, OK Ill show for the first class, just to see who is there and what the class is all about. After all. I did already pay for the class. Turns out I liked the class, the structure, my group, and decided at that point I was going to suck it up, stay the whole 12 weeks and learn the word of God so I can be prepared to speak when the Spirit calls me to speak. I have to say it was hard, it took alot of work and dedication to the class. I never before read my Bible outside of church and this class required ALOT of Bible reading on my free time. My free time which I hold very near and dear I might add.I was so relieved that I took this class. I actually learned scripture and grew closer to the Lord in the process. I cannot wait for us to start book 2 in Jan.

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