Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mesquite Christmas in the Park

Nothing like a good ol fashion walk through Christmas extravaganza. The kids really love going and doing this every year, but lately it has become so commercialized and about the all mighty dollar that you cannot really enjoy yourself. It use to be such a nice place to go. Everything was free and you could make decorations for your tree, watch the caroling, take pictures with Santa, drink hot cocoa and cider, roast marshmallow and so much more, all for free. Now it 3/4 cost and a very small amount is free. Its not even "holiday" things any more. Instead its like a small carnival the city has turned it into. I hate to say it, but this will be our last year to go if it stays this way. The kids really didn't enjoy themselves and neither did I. I hat when the city takes something that was so much fun and great for low income families to do and turns it into one more thing just to pull in revenue and suck the joy out of Christmas and make it about money only. Depressing. We have been going here since my 16 year old son was born and our family traditions has been stomped out by the $$ signs.

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