Sunday, January 1, 2012

~New Years~

Well why most the people  I know were out drinking and dancing and partying this New Years, I am the girl that stays home with her kids:) I took my son out to the Science Place to see the "Sharks" Exhibit and literally spent the whole day there doing dissections and exploring the wonderful world of sharks We had a blast and even made time to run back by the Bob the Builder exhibit before it leaves in a week. Went home watched some hockey. Stars won 4-2 against the Bruins! OH YEAH~ Cooked some traditional New Years Eve foods and ate with my family. Then had my little brother and one of my nephews come over and we hung out looking at old videos and listening to music with the kids from when we were growing up. Had a blast reliving old times and memories. Really could not think of a better way to spend my New Years then with my family reflecting on Gods greatness and enjoying bonding with my little brother and watching our kids build bonds as well. This is a GREAT LIFE~

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