Saturday, December 3, 2011

Spreading the Love of Christ

 The Gospel Message

 Early this am the kids and I went to the Dallas Childrens  Parade. We went  with the only intention of watching the parade. Well, I guess God had other plans for our family today. When we go there there were a couple of college guys handing out these gospel tracks. They give my daughter one,  she looks at it to see what it was then asks me if she can ask them something. I am thinking shes going to ask them a question about Christ, so I told her go ahead and ask. My daughter in all her glory looks at them and asks if they want help to share Jesus' message! I was so proud of here. These two college guys looked at us and I say it's fine with me, never to young to share the Good News of Christ. 
They answer in a astounding YES! and start telling the kids how great it is that they want to spread His word! They separated out the gospel tracks among my kids and myself and sent us to the other corner. They handed out gospel tracks and talked to people for a good half hour before the parade and then again, met up with the same guys and passed out more tracts  for an hour afterwords. I cannot recall a time I have been more proud of my kids then to hear them talk to strangers about Christ and to be polite to those who rejected them. The Lord works in mysterious ways most definitely.  

Drizzle watching sister
The girls were all gun hoe about it and knew just what to do. Drizzle, had to sit back and watch his sister first before he felt comfortable. After he got the hang of what she and her friend were doing he was good to go as well. My job..keep an eye on all three trying to bum rush the unsuspecting individual walking by. Having to have a few teaching moments about "appropriate" protocol in handing things out.  After a few moments by youngest had it down. Walk up to someone, ask if they wanted the card, say "have a blessed day" and even when they throw it on the ground, you do not yell after them      "that's so rude!"  instead you pick it up and see if someone else wants it. I don't think he really grasped that part because he kept getting this very offended look whenever someone rejected him. All in all
I think it was a great learning experience for them in sharing the word of Christ and being prepared to talk about Christ to anyone at anytime, no matter your age!  Kids are great and I am such a proud momma. 

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