Saturday, February 4, 2012

What I Love Most ABout My Munchkin- January

Month: January

Special Days: Picking you up for lunch, running to get the newest and latest zombie type games at game stop.OK I don't get to see you very much, so I enjoy the little things I get to do with you the most. It won't always be this way, but for now I take what I can get. We get to have some great talks in the car and honestly I think I get to know a part of you your Dad does not simply because of the situation. We have talked about the influence of fiends, music,  girls, drugs/alcohol, having a  relationship with Christ. We like to take our lunch to the park by your High Schools and eat and feed the ducks. When I can I grab your brother and sister and they come along with us. It amazes me how easily you guys bonded and how much love is there. It warms my heart to see you all together, playing, laughing, poking fun at each other and being a family.

Favorite Stories: Ahh well its not a bright, happy go lucky story, but it did open the door for good conversations that needed to be had. One day when I picked you up from school I could smell cigarette smoke on you. We had already had the smoking is bad talk so I asked for the smokes and you pulled them from your bag saying you were holding them for a friend at school that had to meet his probation officer and could not be caught with smokes on him. I can see you doing that so I said ok, but wanted the cigarettes. When I looked inside it was a bag of weed instead. Of course I wigged out and we had a very long talk about holding other peoples property and the serious consequences. I threw the weed in a trash can at Walmart and told you if your "friend" asked about it to refer him back to me. Needless to say he let it go and you don't hold peoples things anymore. This same month your cousins girlfriends son, got you in trouble when he shoplifted and you were charged as an accessory. The importance of wise friends! Lessons learned the hard way-don't worry I was the same way and hopefully you will learn just as quickly as I did.

Fabulous Photo:

Greatest Quotes:"It's all Delaney's fault" You say this every time something weird, unusual or bad happens. It started a chain reaction were Delaney now says "its all Matthews fault." You are such a lovely example!

What has impressed me most about you this month: You are at a pivotal age were you are realizing the choices you make now affect the rest of your life. You are seeing the importance of picking good friends and avoiding those who get you in trouble. Although you have made some unwise decisions this month (we all have) I have seen you grow in the area of personal choices and owning the decisions you make and the consequences that follow. It may not seem like such a big deal right now, but that is a important character trait you will want to hold onto. Not many people are willing to except the consequences for their actions with such a attitude as you have. It has really impressed me. You have so many wonderful and strong aspects about you already and I cannot wait to see what type of man you become.

Where I hope to see you grow:  You are not a believer in Jesus Christ, yet! Above all else in life this is the area I hope and pray that you grow in. You have such a sweet disposition to you and you are sarcastic just like your momma, but you are not saved. This breaks my heart and above all else I want to see you grow in a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior and commit your life to Him.I also notice that you never tell anyone that you love them. I can only imagine why that it, but I hope one day you will realize that it's OK to let people in and to express how you feel with words as well as actions. You have been through a lot at a very young age and I you are guarded with good reason. I hope one day that changes for you.

My Absolute Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month:OK this will sound cheesy but my favorite thing I did with you this month was shoot your gun. What can I say, I am easily entertained and its a passion we both share. I wish I could take you to the gun range and let you really shoot, but for now we work with what we got.
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