Saturday, February 4, 2012

What I Love Most About My Princess

Month: January

Special Days: Well we got New Years to celebrate the month you were born! Pretty fabulous if you ask me. Then we have your actual birthday. The day God gave me the most wonderful, beautiful little girl my eyes have ever seen to look after till He calls you home. Of course, I love the Tuesdays we now get to spend together glorifying God by learning His words and embedding them in our hearts. I do love watching you grow in the word and with your relationship with Christ because YOU want to! You are doing Drama classes, as you know, and this month I got to participate in a little skit with you for the first time! AWESOME, is all I can say.

Favorite Stories: Right now I love how you try to imitate my MC Hammer "You Cant Touch This" dance that I do. You will leave the room and enter the room doing this dance. Its funny. You also like to go around singing Ice Ice Baby from Vanilla Ice, ever since I showed you the videos and the crazy dancing I grew up watching. One thing that really annoys you at times and makes you giggle at times is your brother Drake likes to mimic everything you say and do. You like to have him say " I am so stoopid" It's all drawn out and not said like stupid, but literally like the double o. Something you got off of I-Carley and your little hero Sam from the show. You seem to want to be like every sarcastic actress you watch. You like Sam from I-Carley, Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place etc

Fabulous Photo:

You at the National Spelling Bee
Boys you like: I am listing all the boys you like as the months and years go back just for fun. I remember all the boys I thought were cute growing up and look back sometimes and wonder what was I thinking.So I though this might be fun for us to look back on one day and reminisce.  So as of today here is your rundown: Justin Bieber (singer), replaced by Cody Simpson (singer), Randy Orton (wrestler), Jake T Austin (actor),Shamus (wrestler), CM Punk (wrestler), Taylor Lautner (actor)...I am sure there are more, but these are the ones that you harp on all the time.

What has impressed me most about you this month: Watching you grow into a young lady. You are FINALLY wanting to learn what it means to be a woman and how you are to act, take care of the house, and others. You have a great heart for serving and hate to see people feel bad. Whenever someone is sick you are there to help them and make them feel special. You are a fantastic young lady and I am very proud to be your mother.

Just Because: You seemed to love that I told you only 10% of the population is left handed, and that is simply one more glorious way that God made you unique and special.  You are part of the elite already :)

Where I hope to see you grow: Well this is our first "real" year to home-school and its been a challenge. It's been a challenge for a couple of reasons. Once, I like to think that you are more independent than how you like to act regarding your behavior and independence in school work. Second, it's a learning process we are both going through. Trying to get out of the public school mentality for work is hard on us both. You want me to do exactly what your school teacher did and I am trying to break away from that style of teaching. We simply are a work in progress! Example: I leave you with work to do and you don't get it all done, instead you procrastinate and have more than half left when I get home. Issue: Which puts us behind schedule to do the work we need to do together. So then all night you spend doing the work you were suppose to do during the day and than we get none of the work we were suppose to do together accomplished. Conclusion:  I would really really love to see you grow in the area of personal responsibility.  This is regarding your study habits, note taking habits, getting your daily chores done, school work etc. I would say you are lazy and lack ambition and a sense of self worth when you accomplish your tasks, but I don't think that is the case at all.You are always very proud when you accomplish your goals and get recognition for a job well done. You love to show me your completed work and have it graded and get little stars on it, etc.  Like I said this is our first year and we are both still learning, but I wold love to see you grow in this one area a little bit each month. I know it will be slow and come with training and hard work for you, and for me,  but I know you can do it as well. You are smart and capable of so much. The second area I would love to see you grow in are your bible study habits. I am trying very hard to set a good example by developing my own habits in this area and I am hoping that you will find your niche as well and grow stronger in faith and develop a deeper want of Gods word and application to your life.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month: 
1.Taking you to the National Spelling Bee
2. Participating in your drama club skit
3.Eating your egg casserole cooking you made with Ms. Annette from church-very good

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