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Every once in a while I get the joy of doing a review for a company. This time it was for the online math site called ALEKS. What is ALEKS, well I am glad you asked me that. ALEKS is an acronym that stands for "Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces." Even better, its a math program.Who doesn't get excited about math! Oh yea, me. All the more reason why I need a fabulous program for my kids. My math skills are notorious and my kids adore math. Weird, I know but true. So when I ALEKS appears in my little inbox I was thrilled. 

Program Highlights: 
ALEKS is a complete curriculum that requires no textbook and offers free assessment testing. Its designed for use for 3rd grade till High School students. 
This program is completely customized to your child alone.They do not have to repeat the things they already know, like you would with a typical math program, which is fabulous.
If your child scores less than 20%, they will be recommended to go down a level, or if they score more than 80%, they will be recommended to move up a level.Which is great for parents who just don't know what level they should place their child in. This program takes the guess work out.
After your child is set up where they need to be, they will be able to take a look at their pie chart. I love the pie chart and so does my daughter. She is a visual learner so seeing what has been completed and what needs to be finished really encourages her.

My daughter really dislikes that you cannot see how to work out a problem without them giving you the answer. When you select help on a question you are having problems with, it shows you how to work that exact problem, not one similar.  That has been my daughters biggest complaint. She wants to see examples before working on the problems then do problems, but if this site does that, we have not figured it out yet.

The cost for a monthly subscription is $19.95 a month, $99.95 for six months or $179.95 for a year. There is a multiple child discount available.  The year access price is compatible with other math computer programs that are popular with homeschoolers.  You can get a FREE 2 Month Trial by going HERE

                                            My daughters Pie Chart

                                            My baby doing her math

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