Monday, February 27, 2012

Monster Trucks

Matthew, Kristian and Drake
Overview of the arena
OK I don't get all giddy when the monster trucks roll into town, but I do have a 5 year old son and a 9 year old nephew that do get pretty hysterical when the commercials start popping up and they cannot wait to go.Its all I hear about till I have the tickets in hand and we are heading out the door to the rally. What I do hate about going is the $30 ridiculous parking that our arrogant little Cowboys Stadium owner decides to charge. Irritates the crap out of me, especially considering you still walk a mile to get to the front door!~ ggrrr. The kids did have a blast though and are already talking about next year. The both love the Dalmatian truck, but just like last year it broke down again this year. Very disappointing. Of course all the truck flips, broken axles, dripping gas with explosions, always make up for a dog that wouldn't perform her tricks!

Drake moving to fast to catch a photo op

Kristian after the wheels came off the truck and it flipped over

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