Wednesday, February 8, 2012

National Spelling Bee

So my princess got the opportunity to be in the National Spelling Bee. She did not win, but she did make it through till the 3rd round. Either way I was very proud of her and impressed with how hard she studied and how dedicated she was to making it happen for her. We practiced her words every day for 2 straight months before the competition and she was ready. There were close to 500 words she had to know and she went from knowing a little under half to only missing about 20 on a regular basis. That in itself is impressive. There were some words I had to go and google to see what they meant and how they were pronounced.

She was so nervous the day of the competition and we got to the place early just so she could get a feel of the building and comfortable. I got elected to be one of the judges which helped her out with comfort level and gave her someone to look at when saying her words. This was really hard on my because when she messed up I wanted so bad to help her out and I could not. :( She knew as soon as she messed up and big ol crocodile tears started rolling down her cheeks. I felt miserable for her and could not even go to her. Looking back on it, the adventure was well worth the sacrifices made in our time, our schedule and other work that got placed on hold. She learned over 500 new words and greatly expanded her vocabulary. Her favorite thing to say is " I concur" a word she loves that will stick with her forever!

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