Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner I thought I would share some ways that you can enjoy this overly commercialized holiday by getting back to the simplicity of it. These are 10 simple ways that we can show our family love any day but especially on Valentine's Day.
  • Pick a 24hr period and try not to complain about anything during that time. Someone who is positive is more pleasant to be around!
  • Go on a date together as a whole family! Is there a family event or place that your kids enjoy where you can be together?  We love going to play centers and the park if the weather is nice.
  • Be quick to apologize if you have done something hurtful or inconsiderate. As a parent it is often hard to admit when we are wrong, and yet, apologizing can bring you closer together!
  • Tell the kids one of the reasons that you fell in love with their dad, in front of him (even if you are separated from your child’s father, this is good for your kid to hear-focus only on the positive not the negative).
  • Tell your family members that you love them – it is amazing how important those words are!
  • Get your daughter/son flowers and chocolates. Let them know Valentines Day is a day for everyone, not just people who are in a relationship or adults only!
  • Have a picnic as a family! As it is cold out we have our picnics on a sheet spread out on the Living room floor! The change of scenery makes the meal more exciting for the kids, the paper plates make clean-up fun for me! Let them put the meal together as well. Kids love helping cook.
  • Encourage your kids to help you with a surprise for your hubby (or for another family member)! You can decorate a welcome home banner, decorate pictures, bring him something at work, be creative! My kids love to do banners and hang them up in the house for each other.
  • Cuddle together as a family. If your kids are young, have a tickle-fest! My preschoolers love being with their mommy & daddy coloring, playing games, does not matter.
  • Look for three things to thank each of your family members for throughout the day.
  • Make an extra effort to actively listen to to your children and your spouse. Ask them leading questions to encourage them to talk to you.
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