Saturday, February 11, 2012

Walk Through The Bible Old Testament

Today I spent the day with my 12 yr old daughter and 5 year  old son doing an Old Testament Walk Through The Bible! It went on from 9-3 and it was fabulous! I was a little hesitant about letting my kids join in, but was assured it was done in a way that even kids can understand. My 5 year old lost interest about 2 hours into it, but my daughter LOVED IT!

 The Walk Through The Bible OT is filled with all sorts of fabulous resources. There is a 30 day devotional that looks wonderful. Lots of review and supporting material. And all I can say about the challenge's are they will benefit you greatly.

We loved how they show the overlap of the different books of the Old Testament. There are times when I am reading and I am like didn't I just read that . Well, no just something very similar in a book written at the same times. Its comforting when I look back and can see different books and know they are covering the same topics, history etc in life that reenforces that they are God inspired and did actually occur. The struture section is simply amazing.

Then we get to all the great hand signs for the books. This book really looks at every level and type of learner there is.They work on the visual learner, the auditory learner, the hands on learner, no matter what your style you are covered. We LOVED the hand signs. Practice them at home and even made a video. Now from my understanding its copyrighted so just to be safe I did not upload it. All I can say is its amazing and my 5 year old and 12 year old can easily walk through the old testament with me by doing the signs and words!AMAZING!!
Now when you are doing your hand signs and saying your words its important that you are pointing to your imaginary map you have on the ground to help you with location. This is for the creative. visual folks out there for sure. It really does help though. you are pointing and then your like, oh yea that's Ur over there cause the Mediterranean is to my left. Like i said AMAZING!

As a gift for doing so well and answering all the question AND knowing all 77 signs, the leader, Vince, gave my little girl a Color Through the Bible book which cover both the Old and New Testaments. As you can tell she immediately started coloring when we got home.

This program really brought to life the Old Testament for us in a way that we never could have on our own. I highly recommend that anyone that can do this, do it!I am not giving it justice. I am not great at words and defiantly not a sales man, but WOW the real life application that this class has on your life will utterly amaze you. Happy Walking!

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