Saturday, February 4, 2012

What I Love Most About MY Drizzle Fizzle January

Month: January

Special Days: Playing the Wii together, watching you playing wrestling matches and acting like your favorite wrestlers. Right now they are John Cena, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Undertaker, Big Show and Shawn Michael. I also love taking you to the Science Place and the zoo alot.

Favorite Stories: This story is only funny because you were OK, otherwise it would have been tragic. The story goes like this though. You were at daycare during lunch, and you started to choke on spaghetti. Your teacher, Ms. Hutchinson freaked out and didn't know what to do. You could not talk, could not stand up and your face was turning red. Your teacher, in all her wisdom, as a trained CPR card holder, looses all her knowledge and instead of doing the Heimlich on you puts her finger under your nose to see if you are breathing. Of course you were not, you were choking. Your teacher just kept asking you "Drake, are you alright, talk to me, are you alright." You are just staring at her unable to say anything. Luckily  (very luckily) Ms. Scarlet, the administrator, came in and saw what was happening and did the Heimlich on you and out came the spaghetti you wanted oh so much. You went and threw up and were OK in the end. So that was the phone call I got at work that started of "First, let me tell you Drake is OK!" Never the words you want to hear.

Writing your name and letters for the first time at home!You also love to write the letter T.
Fabulous Photo:

Greatest Quotes: " Mommy I love you OH so much" (your sister claims to have taught you this and she tries her best to be as cute as you when you do it too)  and every morning you wake up and say from your room "mommy I need you" and you keep saying it until I come and get you. My favorite though is probably when you really want something and you get down on your knees and fold your hands together and literally plead "please, please , please, because you love me oh so much can I___________" Its really cute, but your success rate is only 50/50, sorry to disappoint, but your cute manipulation is adorable when you do it, but still does not get your way :) " Please you turn my show off, this one makes me board" You were talking about turning off wrestling for Big Time Rush, which your sister just got for her Birthday. and "Laney, you did so good, I am so proud of you." This one was regarding Delaney's first attempt at drawing The Bedroom by Vincent Van Gogh. Very cute!

What has impressed me most about you this month: You are getting really good at using your manners such as "yes, mam; no, sir; please, thank you, and I am sorry"

Where I hope to see you grow: You got a little bit of a temper and you cry and scream when you do not get your way or when someone hurts your feelings. You dont seem to do this at daycare though, only at home. So I really hope that you grow with learning to use your words to explain how you feel and why instead of throwing things, yelling and crying in your room. You get your feelings hurt VERY easily and when you do you go running to your room screaming "I am sorry" even if you have not done anything wrong. I hope this comes under control rather quickly because it does wear me down some days.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month: 
1. Taking you to the science place to see shark dissections on New Years. Just a great way to bring in the year.
2.Going to the Hockey game with you and listen to you sing the baseball theme song "take me out to the ball game" Everyone laughed and the nice people next to us (college kids) joined in. You loved it.
3. Playing the wii with you

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