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6th Grade Math Khan Lessons

6th Grade Math Khan Lessons

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Introduction to Ratios (new HD version): What a ratio is. Simple ratio problems.

Adding Decimals
Subtracting Decimals
Multiplication 4: 2-digit times 1-digit number

Multiplication 5: 2-digit times a 2-digit number

Multiplication 6: Multiple Digit Numbers

Division 2 : Dividing into larger numbers. Introduction to long division and remainders.

Division 3: More long division and remainder examples

Level 4 division : Dividing a two digit number into a larger number

Percent and decimals : Expressing percentages as decimals. Expressing decimals as percentages.

Dividing decimal : Dividing decimal numbers

Ordering numeric expressions : Ordering numbers expressed as decimals, fractions, and percentages

Greatest Common Divisor : 4 example problems of determining the greatest common factor of two numbers by factoring

Least Common Multiple : Example of figuring out the least common multiple of two nunmbers

Equivalent fractions : Introduces the concept of equivalent fractions

Mixed numbers and improper fractions : Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and improper fractions to mixed numbers

Area and Perimeter

Circles: Radius, Diameter and Circumference

Area of a circle

Solid Geometry Volume

Probability (part 1) : What probability is.

Probability (part 2) : Let's flip a coin.

Probability (part 3) : More on probability.

Probability (part 4) : More on free throws.

Probability (part 5) : Probability of getting a certain number roll in Monopoly

Expected Value: E(X) : Expected value of a random variable

Scientific notation 1

Ratios as Fractions in Simplest Form :

Simplifying Rates and Ratios

Finding Unit Rates

Finding Unit Prices

The Distributive Property

Order of Operations

Numerator and Denominator of a Fraction

Identifying Fraction Parts

Proper and Improper Fractions

Changing a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction

Changing an Improper Fraction to a Mixed Number

Recognizing Divisibility

Finding Factors of a Number


6th grade core videos and exercises


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