Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Reports

My daughter has just started to learn how to write book reports and develop a flow when writing. As an incentive to practice good writing techniques and well developed reviews and reports, I have a fellow blogging friend who posts book reviews and reports on her blog. My little girl LOVES this and although she does not particularly care for the reading part still, she loves to write the reports/reviews to see them published on the web! I try very hard not to critique her papers too much, I figure the more reports she writes and the more she reads, that this part will start to fix itself. I do help give her guidance on organizing ideas and adding more facts to the papers to make them "meatier", but try to let them be heres still. If you want to link up as well and have your kids reports/reviews posted here is the blog to go to:
I know she is always looking for some great book reviews on what ever topic you are reading! Help spread the word and support our fellow bloggers!
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