Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making Your Own I Spy Bottle


How to make your I spy bottle:

Fill your  "I spy"  bottle with your choice of goodies that your family might like:
For example (items you might include):

A red hair band a small plastic flower a little car
a heart shaped piece of foam
alphabet letters
Coins Legos office supplies
Barbie or Polly Pocket accessories, dice
little shaped erasers marble
rubber ball shell anything works (as long as does not rot!

  1. Take a photo of the items that will be placed in the bottle. This can be printed and attached to the bottle as a reference card.
  2. Next get your bottle.  You should use a wide mouth plastic bottle.  For instance a Gatorade, Powerade, Mayonnaise jar, or pop-corn container (if they are not empty-transfer to another container). Rinse & dry the bottle well.
  3. Decide on what type of filler you are going to fill your container with. 
    • Lentils
    • Rice
    • Small pasta shapes
    • Popcorn kernels
    • plastic pellets
  4. If you decide to dye your rice, pasta, or lentils.
    • Divide your filler up into baggies, ¾ cup rice per bag.
    • Fill the bags about half full of rubbing alcohol, enough to almost cover the filler.
    • Add food coloring, varying how much you put in each bag to achieve different colors (hint, you can get a darker red by adding a very small amount of blue – 1 drop blue to 8 drops red! Light blue is achieved with a few drops of blue and one of green!)
    • Zip close the bags, forcing out as much air as possible, and massage the colors around into the rice until you have an even color throughout the bag.
    • Allow the filler to sit for an hour then strain in a colander and dry on a paper towel lined cookie sheet or table.
  5. Pour some of the filler material in the bottle. Then drop some of the objects in the bottle. Repeat until all the items are in the bottle. Only fill the bottle about 3/4 full The objects need room to mix around and move.
  6. Add a bead of glue using a strong glue around the threads on the bottle and twist the lid firmly shut.  This is important!!  Consider using gorilla glue, a cement glue or hot glue.  It has to be permanently glued shut!!
  7. Decorate with a ribbon & type a list and attach & along with the photo of the items included; with ribbon or string around the neck of the bottle.
  8. Once the glue is dry, pack in bubble wrap & send to your swap partners children so they can gently shake and rotate the bottle and try to find the objects!
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