Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shake It Up Chicago Auditions


My daughter got selected to do auditions for Shake It Up Chicago. As you can imagine she was ecstatic. She loves to act and does all the local plays and church plays that she can get into. She loves going to drama class and freaked out when she heard about the auditions. She was one of 976 people who showed up and they were only looking for 50 spots! The auditions were held at the Intercontinental Hotel of Dallas in Addison. Beautiful hotel. OUr audition time was set for 1 p.m., but we showed up at 11:30 and was so glad we did. There was already a line and getting to intake was a pain at first, only one guy to do crowd control! Never a good idea with tons of fans.
The line of 976 that went out the door!
Oh, of course we had to bring the family to go and show our moral support! After intake, we got her commercial  skits she had to know.I brought her around the corner and we practiced each of the commercial ads she had to do,until she felt that they were perfect. Her eldest brother watched her do lines in the line ( couldn't help it), while her little brother kept trying to sleep on her feet!
Practicing Lines with Matthew

Skits she had to memorize and perform in front of Phil Lewis
My daughter was so excited that she was one of the ones chosen to perform her skits in front of Phil Lewis! Below is what they were graded on and she got excellent in all categories but one, but I don't remember which one. :( Bad momma I know, I know.
Audion Evaluation
This is who was left after the first round of auditions! There are other kids on the other side of the auditorium. Take away all the adults. 50 people got call backs and my baby girl was one of them!! WHOOT WHOOT! Now for the sad part. Got your hanky ready? For her to finish it would have cost me $3,000 I had to have right then and there! I had to break my little girls heart because they wont let you do payment plans and I do not have 3 grand lying around :( She was VERY happy and proud that she was selected though and thy told me if I save the money between now and next year they will still accept her into the program off her initial evaluation/try out. 

Phil Lewis AKA Mr. Mosby on Sweet Life of Zack and Cody

Drake and Matthew waiting with Delaney

Laney practicing lines

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