Sunday, April 29, 2012

Team Green: Currclick Science Fair 2012

Hi everyone! 

Every single team member got their videos up!  Great job!

They all look fantastic too!  You guys did an amazing job!

I've put together a list of everyone's videos so you can watch each one!  Be sure to vote and comment on everyone's.  The judges are looking for votes and votes are how individuals win the competition as well.

Congrats to everyone and thanks so much for being a part of Team Green!

Here's all of Team Green's Videos!

Devin Cyr _DSC4627.MOV

Brown Riggens Better Butter By Brown

Mike Viebke (the tag and account is James's but it's Mike's project. He's 11 Plants and Microwave Water - Mike V - CurrClick Online Science Fair 2012 - Team Green

Congratulations to our Team Winners and their Science Fair Coaches. Great job everybody!
Most Creative Team
Purple Team and Green Team
Best Results
Red Team
Best Skills
Blue Team
Most Thorough
Red Team

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