Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I love most about my Princess-March

Month: March

Special Days:  I love how you are including me in your life again. For a while you wanted to be locked up in your room and not bothered. Now you are opening back up and letting me share life with you instead of finding out second hand how your life is. It warms my heart for us to be growing closer together.

Favorite Stories: Having Mr. Mosby audition you and watching you make him smile with your talent and ability to light up the room. He said you were a "wonderful actress, with a multitudes of talent" Such high praise for someone who only has practice in church plays!

Fabulous Photo: To come

Greatest Quotes: odly you have not said anything off the wall this month :( So unlike you, which may be the greatest joke you have played on me. Keeping me on my toes little lady :)

What has impressed me most about you this month: Your want to study your bible verses. You taking more responsibility for your little brother. You expressing yourself while keeping your temper and voice under control!! HUGE accomplishments.

Where I hope to see you grow: I love how you are growing and you are moving in the right direction and finding Gods plan for your life. Its hard to sit back and watch and not dictate how I think it should be, but let you learn on your own and grow in your own faith, not mine. I just desire for you to keep doing what you are doing and to keep staying on Gods path for your life. You are growing into such a wonderful and beautiful young lady with a servants heart.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month:
1. Auditions for Disney's Shake It Up Chicago at the Dallas Intercontinental Hotel. Out of 976 people, they picked 50 and you were number 26 that was picked!
2. Picking out your outfit for your drama club (bartender)
3. Taking you to interview for the volunteer positions at the Dallas Zoo.
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