Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bible Study

May 6-12
Keep Your Eye On The Ball
Play a game of catch or hit the ball with the kids. As you pitch the ball to them, say, "Keep your eye on the ball." After playing an inning or two, assign someone (secretly) the role of distracting each person, as he or she is about to hit or catch the ball. (He could yell their name, jump out and scare them, walk on the field with a drink of water, etc.)
Afterwards, ask:
Which was easier—hitting the ball with or without the distractions? Why? (Easy answer!)
Staying focused on the ball (or on whatever you are doing) is important. This week's Bible story about Peter walking on the water showed the importance of having faith and staying focused on Jesus.
What happened when Peter was distracted by the waves swirling around him? (He took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink)
What can distract us from having faith (believing) that Jesus will take care of us? (Feelings of fear, doubting that He is with us, focusing on other things instead of Him, etc.)
Jesus is able to take care of us; we need to trust in Him.
Connecting The Dots
Items needed: dot-to-dot pages (or make your own by writing numbers on a page in the shape of a simple object)
Pencils or crayons
Optional: Draw the numbers on a white board and make a bigger picture.
How did you complete the picture? (By following the next number)
I (or the person who made the page) knew what the picture would be before you started it. You only had to follow the numbers. There are times when we are not exactly sure what is happening or what to do, but we can trust in Jesus who ALWAYS knows what is happening. Jesus knew the storm was coming; He walked on the water to the disciples in the boat, and He was able to keep Peter safe. Knowing that Jesus knows what is happening and will help us can build our faith in Him.

How can we get more faith?
(We can read the Bible to learn more about what Jesus is like and what He can do; we can remember how He helped us in the past; we can choose to believe in Him even when we're afraid, etc
Happy Mother's Day!
Next Sunday is Mother's Day so get all the kids involved in planning a special day for Mom. To start, ask Mom, "How would you like to spend the day?" (After all, it's HER special day.)
Check out all the fun ideas at One of my favorites is to buy a blank notebook and make an alphabetical listing of the things you love about Mom.For example: for the letter C there could be a picture of a cookie because she makes the best cookies. Decorate with markers and pictures.
If you have a mom with great faith, lavish her with praise—“her children and her husband rise up and praise her" (Proverbs 31:28). 


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