Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I Love Most About My Matthew- May

Month: May

Special Days: We really did not do much this month. It was theend of the year and we were all pretty busy. We joked around, played some baseball and threw the football around. My favorite thing would have had to been just having you around on the weekends to ahng out with and helping you with your "potato irish Stew" that you hated and I loved!

Favorite Stories: Taking oyu several times to Eastfield because you were so set on doing dual enrollment classes, than you got flaky and decided against it.

Fabulous Photo:  To Come
Greatest Quotes: " it's all Delaney's fault" yep you are still using this one. Figured it would hae grown old by now, but nope. It does agitate her though, which I persume is your ulitmate goal. 
What has impressed me most about you this month:
You are opening up more when we talk. You share more about what you are feeling and thinking than you use to. I think you are becoming more comfortable with who you are and expressing it or letting others see how you feel.
Where I hope to see you grow: I just hope right now that you stay on this same track. Gradually coming around and becoming more confident and comfortable around your family. I love watching you smile and see the light in your eyes that so often is missing. Just keep being wondeful you.
My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month:
1. Sharing common intersts. Just listening to music together, going out to eat and hangining out wiht my munchkin. Those are always the best moments to me. We dont have to be doing anything fancy. I just enjoy being around you and spending time with you.
2.Lunch trips-Everytime I get you for lunch, we have the same discussion. Me: "So were do you want to go?" you:  " I dont know, whats there to eat"  me, listing off places (they never change) Its the same thing everytime. If nothing else you have consistency down to an art form
3. Park: This is WestLake City Park. We go here sometimes and when we do we get bombared with ducks wanting food. You seem to need to feed all or none. Its cute to watch..I kmnow horriably thing for me to say ;) Thats why you love me so.

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