Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I Lovew Most About My Delaney-May

Month: May

Special Days: Picnics, church, games, scripture and more...oh my

Favorite Stories: 
You got accepted into the Dallas Zoo Volunteer Youth Program! You are so excited and wiggin out over it. You have wanted into this program for 2 years and were always too young. Now you are the right age, home schooled and we got all the kinks worked out so you can participate for the school year. This is perfect for you since you want to open an animal rescue when you are older .
Fabulous Photo:  
Greatest Quotes: " But I didn't even want to, you made me.." Yea that was in relation to the Bible Bee when we saw the verses and how much time we had to apply. We were both excited until the book came, the it was a blame game...Not very God like on our part Ill admit, but hey it happens.The first week was miserable. Then I realized our schedule would not allow us to keep the pace they set and we toned it down ALOT. Much happier but still, wow, attitude went with it as well.
What has impressed me most about you this month:Your willingness to buckle down and tackle a big project even when it eels like you cannot accomplish it. You do not give up when you want something. You try at it from different angles, you seek advise and you know when to take a break from something and come back to it another day.
Where I hope to see you grow: its flying around the house lately. It frustrates me when I am trying so hard to raise you to be a humble, reserved, soft spoken woman and you are so not those things. You are loud, opinionated, sassy, easily hurt, slob. I hate to say it but its so true. I love the heck out of you and would give my life for you, but wow over the last year you have tested my patience, my reliance on God in dealing with you and pushed my buttons like only you can. I know its a stage in life and you are at the age where you are in emotional turmoil and trying your best to discover you and your own personality and way you want to live, and I try very hard to be understanding of that, but wow, how I wish we did not butt heads like we do on so so many topics lately. You use to be my little cuddler. You wanted me to read with you and just sit and watch movies with you. Now you lock your self in your room, your reclusive, you are snotty when you speak, your little brother who you use to adore only annoys you now...I miss my baby girl is all. I knew it was coming, but I felt slapped in the face when it hit. I really hope this is not who you stay, but a phase in life as you learn to deal with all the new emotions you are feeling as you become a young lady.
My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month:
1. Bible Bee 2012:OK we started this off with great gumption. Full of excitement and ready to tackle it all. Then we got the vesres-27 of them. Then we saw how long they were-VERY ad our excitement dwindled. The Bible Bee was on 2 Timothy and that part was awesome. We loved 2 Timothy, but we did horrible on the actually study of scripture part. WE talked about them, but they were so long we did not put the work into memorizing them and putting them in our heart like we had planned to do together. We faltered and let life take over. We did promise each other though to keep working at them on a slower pace and we have been. We started over on 2 Timothy and are really digging in one time per week instead of 5. Not the pace we wanted, but for now we are ok with it.

2. Mothers Day! You always plan these really great Mother's Day gifts for me. Homemade cards, fix me breakfast, take extra care of me, make me a homemade gift, draw me picture, help out around the house. How can I not adore Mother's Day with you around? It would be impossible. It's one of my favorite times. Plus, you always like to hear about you being born.

3. Centerpoint Family Picnic: Come one egg toss, pool party, great food, great friends, water slides, hay rides, can it not make our list? We love the picnic, look forward to it and plan around it every year. You normally spend 90% of your time in the pools, but you like doing the three-legged run with me and you like watching Drake and I do the egg toss, since I always come out gooey. It's always a great time for us together and you get your mommy/daughter time when you leave the water.

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