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In this first book in a series of four of juvenile fantasy you follow the adventures of a young O'rant from River Away named Kale. Kale is sent by Misteress Meiger to go to the Vendela and into the Great Hall to gain her freedom.Before she arrives she is pulled from her journey by an inner voice and quickly finds herself surrounded by Grawlings who wish to make her their next meal. Kale manages to escape through a dark tunnel and is pulled by an enchantment she cannot understand, to a underground spring were she discovers 7 dragon eggs. With the help of Leetu Bends, a young slim framed, muscular emerlindian and Dar, a donel with musical gifts and others Kale is rescued from the tunnel and the Grawlings and brought to safety.

 Kale,The Great Dragon Keeper, travels through Amara with her band of Paladin servants, Dar and Leetu, that have been sent to help her from the Wizard Fewnworth. Wizard Fentworth is a "good" wizard who seeks to follow the Creators laws of nature and prevent evil wizards from doing their own bidding. Seeking out dragon's and their eggs to stop the evil, prideful and greedy Wizard Risto, Kale must first learn to control her mind and her thoughts and learn her how to manipulate her abilities and how to conquer her fears. With the help of her instincts and her comrades, Dar, and Leetu, she does just that..

This book is wonderfully written an filled with beautiful mythical creatures and well thought out and developed characters.  The daring adventures the comrades must undertake leave you in suspense and filled with wonderment. I liked that in order for the dragons to mature and grow they needed to bond with the person who was put in charge of carrying them as eggs.This reminded me of the bond between a mother and the child she carry's in her womb. Although this book is not about the occult,  I do warn you thought that this book is not for all readers. Wrote from a christian perspective, I think this book stays in line with the morals and values we are biblicaly taught, but it does have dark spots within it that not all parents would find suitable for their children.

I would recommend this book to anyone who really loves and enjoys good fantasy adventure, based on solid morals and Christian truth.

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